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(The long biography)

Maple Lam was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to Greater Los Angeles at age 11. Upon the big move, Maple carefully put her small collection of manga and books into two small boxes. Books were what she treasured the most. It hasn't changed since.

Maple studied studio art at the University of California, Irvine, where she first got paid as a comic and editorial illustrator at the college's newspaper. In her third year, she enrolled in a study abroad program in Cambridge, England. That summer, she read a magazine article about children's book authors and illustrators. It was the first time she realized such an occupation existed. She didn't know how to become one yet, but it planted a seed in her.

↑ This spread in GRAPHICS INTERNATIONAL (Issue 97) made Maple realize children's book writing and illustrating is a profession.

After college graduation, Maple worked at an event design firm for seven years, where she worked from a design intern to an art director. While she enjoyed the work and appreciated the opportunity to travel, deep down, she wanted to write and illustrate books and graphic novels. She saved up, honed her craft on writing and drawing, gave the company a one-year notice, and began pursuing her dream as an author-illustrator.

At her first SCBWI Summer Conference, Maple won a portfolio mentorship award, where she had the opportunity to meet with a group of industry professionals for sound advice and direction. As she journeyed down her path as author-illustrator, she met amazing and talented friends, all of whom continue to inspire and encourage her as a creator.

↑ Maple met amazing friends at SCBWI, the organization that kickstarted her children's book career.

Maple has since published many books, including MY LITTLE SISTER AND ME, WHERE ARE THE TREASURES? (Chinese), FRENEMIES IN THE FAMILY (written by Kathleen Krull), SHAKE MY SILLIES OUT (written by Raffi), and more. She is currently working on her debut graphic novel series.

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